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There have been numerous postings on the Dave's Garden forum about where to get information about Tacca Chantrieri (Bat Flower).

Unfortunately, the site that provided the most comprehensive information (according to some) has seemingly been experiencing some difficulties and the Tacca pages are no longer accessible.

Thanks to some feedback from the folks at Calyx Horticultural Services(Australia) I was able to retrieve the Tacca pages from a web archival service.

I am only recreating these pages because I have been unsuccessful in contacting the previous owner of this information.

Update: I finally contacted the author of these pages and have been requested to link to his new site where he is currently re-building these pages.

I migrated my Tacca information to another website of mine, www.conklingardens.com, which I am currently developing;
(click on search @ the bottom of the screen)
Thanks... dave

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